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Niedermeier & Whitehead – Mind Loss EP

The web-label 'Broque' writes: "It is always interesting when people who never met join together to make music. Werner Niedermeier is based in London and Gareth Whitehead lives in Glasgow – well connected via the Web they jointly conquer the deep world of House music. Their releases on a vast number of labels such as Supplement Facts, Blitz, Resopal, Nummer underline their brilliant starting position. Therefore, we are particularly delighted to present these 2 aspiring and likeable mates on Broque as well.

The company is completed by a bunch of guys providing remixes which perfectly complement the pumping Housesound of the original tracks: Douglas Greed of Freude am Tanzen-fame throws in his unique sense of charme, Georg Neufeld from Switzerland leads us to a deep float and the swabian guy Landschall mingles everything with his analogue devices and the trumpet sounds from the romanian Sorohan."

Download this EP as a zip-archive right here


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Robot video

I just found this awesome animation:

Voltage from Bam Studio on Vimeo.

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Federsen - Social Realism

"′Social realism′ is the debut release of the London based artist federsen. This debut EP contains three original tracks which drift between gently sequenced chords upon lush beats and subtle details on the fx, for those who like it smooth and atmospheric - laidback electronic music for the pre-summer between the poles of detroit, chillout and house! Last but not least he asked sensual physics to complete the ep with a remix!"

We at cookiejar think that this is a pretty awesome release!! Suck it now!!


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Buguinha dub - Vitrola Adubada

Vitrola Adubada is a dub album in the purest jamaican…brazilian tradition!

As a sound engineer for "Nacao Zumbi" Buguinha dub produces an authentic and rough dub where improvisation holds an important place.

The multitrack recordings that are used for the dubs are played by brasilian artists Buguinha dub recorded and produced in various styles (reggae, afrobeat, dancehall, samba). Add some analogue effects and a slice of madness, the result is a unique receipe.

Jahmarraparai !

Click here to get to the release-page. Free download possible!


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Compuriddims EP by Tapes

Jackson Bailey aka "Tapes" created his new mp3 and audiocassette release on an old 4-track recorder. We at cookiejar love this approach, because it reminds us how we all worked a couple of years ago!
The compuriddims EP features 8 very dubby 8-bit tracks that you simply have to love!
Download the EP by clicking here.
tapes image

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